This survey is about the research field of Technology-Enhanced Learning or TEL. The term TEL was coined in the context of working groups initiated by the European Commission in 2000. The term is now broadly used to designate a field of research aiming at improving learning by integrating current technologies and designing innovative ones (Bourdeau & Balacheff, 2013). While TEL is a standing term in European research, sometimes its related expressions are preferred internationally, such as Educational Technology, Digital Education, and Learning Engineering.

Why this survey?

The diagram below explains our motivation for the DE-TEL survey.

We know

Doctoral candidates in TEL study on programs that are very different from each other.

Courses offered to doctoral candidates in TEL mostly cover methods, rather than TEL-specific topics.

A common ground for TEL is not created from inside institutions (Source).

We have

Experience organizing a doctoral training summer school (JTELSS) and a doctoral consortium (ECTEL) in TEL for 15 years.

Expertise of nine European universities and EATEL – the DE-TEL consortium.

Support from the European Commission via an ERASMUS+ grant.

A lot of enthusiasm to improve doctoral education in the field of TEL

We need

Your opinion about the challenges of doctoral education in TEL

Your opinion about what topics are important in TEL.

Your opinion about if courses and educational materials are available for TEL topics.

How you prefer to learn about the TEL topics

15-25 minutes of your time to complete the DE-TEL survey – click the big button below!

We will

Publish the results of the DE-TEL survey in an open-access article and on this website

Create high-quality open educational resources on the topics that are important to you

Pilot the new materials at an open online training event in early 2021

Make sure that the DE-TEL materials are up-to-date and supported by the community

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To collect background information on the current practices of doctoral education in TEL

To collect information on the challenges of doctoral education in TEL

To inform the design of a new TEL curriculum for the PhD level of studies by finding out what topics are useful but have few educational resources

To improve doctoral education in TEL

Who should answer

Doctoral candidates

who are currently working on PhD projects in the field of TEL


with a PhD degree who work in the field of TEL


with any degree who work in the field of TEL


who study TEL and are interested in a PhD in this field

About DE-TEL

This survey is designed by the Doctoral Education for Technology-Enhanced Learning (DE-TEL) project, funded by the Erasmus Plus program of the European Union (grant agreement 2019-1-NO01-KA203-060280). The project works on establishing and deepening a strategic partnership for doctoral education in the field of TEL.

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