Open Education and Open Content have become more and more important in the field of learning, education and training. The European project OpenScout has brought together stakeholders across Europe providing, sharing and using freely available resources in the business and management field. The SIG will be the single access point for people engaged in Open Education in the business domain. It will maintain the successful infrastructure and user community of OpenScout (traces of the project remain here, here. and here).

Goals of the SIG

The main goal of the SIG is to drive and promote open education for the business and management domain and to offer an established infrastructure that can be adopted for different domains. We aim at creating a strong community in the field engaging different stakeholder groups.
In particular, the group will:

  • Provide a single access point to open content in the business and management domain
  • Create a community including the current user community of OpenScout
  • Engage stakeholders to use, share and promote open educational resources
  • Maintain the infrastructure (repository, harvester, search engine)
  • Maintain and extend the tool library for modifying and utilizing OER
  • Promote competence based learning in the business and management domain
  • Coordinate local / national activities in the field
  • Work towards standardization especially in the fields of competence based learning and contextual specification of learning material
  • Offer an environment that can be used by researchers to evaluate their findings

The group aims at contributing towards the vision and goals of EATEL by sharing experiences and best practices from the management domain. This will help similar activities to transfer the results of the SIG. Additionally, the SIG will support the various activities of EATEL in the organization and execution.

Chairs of the SIG

Prof. Dr. Jan Pawlowski (Global Information Systems, University of Jyväskylä, Finnland)

Activities of the SIG

The main activities are

  • Promotion of OER in the business and management community
  • Hosting and maintaining the OpenScout infrastructure (repository, tool library, community)
  • Extending the content base
  • Discussion and consensus on key topics in the area (e.g., competence based learning)
  • Trainings and awareness building for OER
  • Strong cooperation with other EATEL bodies to achieve synergies