Call for special interest groups

Call for special interest groups


The main objective of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is to promote and federate research activities in relevant areas of interest related to Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL). The EATEL association proposes to support these SIG, by offering them visibility and financial support. 

To support cooperation among various partners, the SIGs members are invited to initiate and support a wide range of activities and events, for instance: organization of (annual) meetings/workshops, writing of working documents or joint publications, dissemination of scientific work for the educational community and society, joint experiments in different fields. A major aim is to achieve a synergy among different parts of the EATEL community. EATEL SIGs should center around emerging topics in TEL and the association would like to support the formation of new collaborations among various partners.


EATEL will support the SIGs with:

  1. Promotion of the SIG activities on its website and during the various events organized by the association (EC-TEL Conference, EATEL Summer School).
  2. Financial support for each SIG (500€ per year, renewable each year depending on the annual report).

SIG proposal

SIG proposals must contain the following elements (up to a maximum of 4 pages):

  • The name of the SIG
  • A brief description of the SIG (300 words)
  • The detailed objectives and planned activities
  • The names and affiliations of the SIG chairs (must be members of EATEL)
  • Members of the steering committee (if any)
  • Expected outcomes
  • The native members and process for joining the SIG
  • Coordination and communication support (in addition to the EATEL website)
  • How can EATEL support the activities of the SIG in the future?

Important dates

SIG Proposals submitted before 30 April 2021 will be evaluated for the announcement and promotion at the EC-TEL 2021 conference: 20-24 September 2021.

How to apply

The proposal must be sent by email to SIG chairs must be members of EATEL.

Each proposal will be assessed by the EATEL board.

Required reporting

SIGs are asked to provide a report on their activities once a year at the EATEL General Assembly, taking part during the EC-TEL Conference. The report should summarize the actions carried out (publications, events, integration of new people in the group…), as well as the actions planned for the following year. We also encourage SIG members to organize webinars, providing the necessary logistical support.