EATEL’s mission is to support and facilitate European research on technology-enhanced learning.

Member services


In return for your membership, you will be part of a network of TEL researchers, institutions, enterprises and students. All new members are invited to join the EATEL community on Discord and can stay in the community after their membership is over.

Discount at the ECTEL conference

As an active EATEL member you will receive a discount on the ECTEL conference fees. At the same time, you will automatically become an EATEL member for one year if you register to attend the ECTEL conference.

Discount at the EATEL summer school

As an active EATEL member, you will receive a discount to attend our annual Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning, a week-long face-to-face training event for doctoral candidates.

Special Interest Groups

As an active EATEL member, you will be able to start or join existing Special Interest Groups.


As part of our mission, EATEL is organizing publicly available webinars on topics relevant to TEL research.

Open mailing list

Via our moderated mailing list you receive relevant messages and announcements from our wider community. Only messages on the topic of Technology-Enhanced Learning are allowed. You will be able to send messages to the list too. Mailing list address: eatel@l3s.de. Subscribe here!