What is covered by the registration fees?

A registration is required to attend the event, and it requires a registration fee. The registration fee covers accommodation, meals, social program and printed materials. So, you do not need to book accommodation yourself. We have an agreement with the hotel and special rates.

Who can register?

Instructors of accepted workshops can register now.

Regular participants need to wait for their application to be accepted. We will be reviewing application as soon as we receive them.

Keynotes do not need to register.

PhD students awarded an EATEL scholarship do not need to register.

Registration form 1 - MAIN EVENT

We have two registration forms this year. Registration form MAIN EVENT should be used by all participants of the summer school. It is your formal registration to participate in the event itself.
Invoice: The invoice for this registration will contain the costs of attending the event itself and can usually be paid by your employer organization.

Registration form 2 - PRIVATE STAY AND GUESTS

We have two registration forms this year. Registration form PRIVATE STAY AND GUESTS is optional. It can be used by:

  • the participants who wish to extend their stay at the summer school hotel before and/or after the event
  • the guests of the participants (partner/family/spouse/friend)

Invoice: The invoice for this registration will contain additional costs, not directly related to attending the event itself and can be paid privately by the registering person.

Navigating in the registration forms

JTELSS23 registration navigation

MAIN EVENT Registration

During the registration, please, fill in as much information as you can, especially if you need it to be displayed on the registration invoice. If you are an EATEL member, we recommend that before the registration you login to your EATEL account and updated the contact information there.

Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software


Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software

Important dates

  • 20 March 2023 Registration opens
  • 08 May 2023 Registration deadline*

* After the registration deadline, we might still able to register additional participants, but this will expose us to additional risks. So, we strongly recommend to respect the registration deadline.

Payment options

In the end of the registration process, at the checkout, you will have the following payment options available:

  • PAY ONLINE: for those who has a PayPal account, you can pay with a card.
  • INVOICE ME: you will receive one invoice by email and can pay by bank transfer.

The invoice will include a breakdown of all registration items.


  • Before the registration deadline 08 May 2023, any registration can be cancelled at no cost.
  • Between 08 May 2023 and 29 May 2023, we will be able to provide a partial reimbursement, depending on the registration type and participation dates.
  • After 29 May 2023, cancellations are not possible, as by this day we will pay to the local suppliers.
  • These deadlines are final and will not be extended.