Registration process

The registration form below allows to choose one of the registration fee rates. If you want to learn more about the available rates, please, check the Fees page.

The payment options include Bank card (visa and mastercard) and Paypal.

Cancellation policy

  1. Before April 7, any registration can be cancelled at no cost.
  2. Between April 7 and April 30, we will be able to cancel any “package” registration and return a cost of an early-bird fee. If you purchase a package with a normal rate, the cancellation will cost you 50 EUR. If you purchase a package using an early-bird rate, we can return the full amount.
  3. After April 7, cancellations of Daily participation are not possible.
  4. After April 30, no cancellations are possible, as by this day we will pay to the local suppliers.
  5. These deadlines are final and will not be extended.

Registration form

Scroll down the form below to find the “Register” button!

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