Mount Athos Cruise

Sunday Full day excursion

Discover the stunning scenery of the Monasteries in Mount Athos with a comfortable cruise. The cruise will give you the only chance to see a magnificent and holy place!

We depart for the beautiful Ormos Panagias Port in Halkidiki. Reaching the port we embark for the cruise of Mount Athos where you can admire from a close distance (from the boat), the mysterious and miraculous place which has been for centuries the center of Orthodox and you will discover the history of Mount Athos and its monasteries. Cruising along the west coast you are given the opportunity to see from close distance Europe’s most unique Monks republic with its impressive Byzantine Monasteries, which has been for centuries the center of Orthodoxy. It is difficult to visit them by yourself, as only men are allowed to get inside and with a very early pre-booking. The “Holy Mountain” had the status of an autonomous state for over 1,000 years. It is famous for its ancient monasteries, the first of which was built in 963. Nowadays 1.700 monks still live under strict rules on the Holy Mountain, with no woman ever being allowed to set foot there.

Mount Athos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is an autonomous polity within the Hellenic Republic under the official name Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy. The area has been transformed into a place of eminent historical and cultural importance and offers a landscape of great natural beauty.

Don’t forget that you will also be lucky enough to enjoy the picturesque village of Ouranoupolis! After the cruise, there will be free time for lunch and a walk in the village.

An independent state in the midst of Greece is waiting for you to visit!!!


  • Pick up from your hotel with our comfortable and full air conditioned buses and drive to Ormos Panagias port.
  • Get on board to the Pirate’s boat named “Menia Maria 3”
  • Start your cruise by sailing to west coast point
  • Arriving to the west coast you will sail close to the shore and with the help of a professional guide you will be able to see and learn about several Monasteries: Saint Pavlos, Dionysiou, Grigoriou, Simonos Petra, Ksilopotamou, Russia Monastery, Dochiariou, and Ksenofontos
  • Then continue your cruise to Ouranoupoli Village and enjoy your free time and lunch (included)
  • Get back to the boat and get ready for a live folklore singing and dancing show!
  • Arrive to the Ormos Panagias port, disembark and let us drive you back to your accommodation.


Excursion date: 22 May 2022

Departure from the hotel: [Updated] 08:00

Arrival back to the hotel: 19:00


The cost of the excursion is included in the “International participant” package (full-week participation). If you are attending the summer school with a “daily participation”, you can purchase the ticket for this excursion on-site for 65 Eur.

Kassandra Round Trip

Wednesday half day excursion

The Kassandra peninsula is the most visited part of Halkidiki. The Landmark of Kassandra peninsula are the kilometer-long sandy beaches and the fantastic view of the turquoise blue sea. We will drive through an idyllic landscape of nature and the breathtaking view of the west coast of Kassandra with its low reddish cliffs.

Possidi is a coastal settlement in the municipality of Kassandra. It is located west of the Kassandra peninsula in a rocky outcrop in the Thermaic Golf.

It has been mentioned since ancient times as a settlement of ancient Halkidiki, while today it is better known as a holiday settlement where holiday houses, hotels and campsites are located.

At the cape of Possidi was an ancient temple in honor of Poseidon, which testifies to the prosperity of the ancient settlements during the second Greek colonization in the 8th century BC.

The oldest sanctuary of Poseidon is located in Possidi, in the area that was called ancient Mendi in ancient times. The temple was in operation for more than 1000 years, and even Thucydides and documents of Mount Athos from the 14th century indicate this.


Seaside chapel of Panagia Faneromeni dates back to the 16th century (1850). Of special interest are the old bell tower, the sculptured arch (Early Christian with relief decorations) in the western entry originating from the iconostasis of St. Demetrios Church in Thessaloniki, its vivid decorations, highlighting the historical and religious importance of the church. Holy Water Of Saint Paul.

The village of Loutra is located 5 km from Agia Paraskevi, near the sea at the southern tip of Kassandra. Its name goes back to the thermal springs of the area.

From the depths of the earth gushes the healing water of Agia Paraskevi. Due to its unique composition of chemical elements with rare healing properties, it rejuvenates the body and mind. On the cliff, in a magnificent setting overlooking the Aegean is the location of the modern spa facilities of Agia Paraskevi.

The trip ends with dinner (incl.) in the traditional village of Afitos which has scenic stone-paved alleys, small fountains, traditional houses, and beautiful churches. The houses are mostly built of natural stone. It is worth seeing the village church Agios Demetrios, a basilica with a dome built in 1858/9 as well as the prehistoric mound, known as Koutsomylos, where the remains of ancient walls and the traces of the ancient quarry are on display. In the village center you will find the Folklore Museum of Afitos “the Aletra building” which houses various art exhibitions such as tools and utensils used in the past by local residents.

Stroll along the romantic coffee mile with fantastic views of the sea, Sithonia and the Turtle Island before returning to your hotel.


Excursion date: 25 May 2022

Departure from the hotel: 15:00

Arrival back to the hotel: 22:00


The cost of the excursion is included in the “International participant” package (full-week participation). If you are attending the summer school with a “daily participation”, you can purchase the ticket for this excursion on-site for 45 Euro.