The following requirements are put in place by the summer school organization in addition to the Greek government measure. These requirements are introduced to ensure everyone’s health and safety. The requirements apply to all JTELSS22 participants.

1. All participants will be required to present a certificate of COVID19 vaccination.

  • If you have two doses, your certificate is accepted if it has been less than 7 month since the second dose.
  • If you have done the third booster dose, your certificate is accepted without any time limit.
  • [Updated] If you had COVID19 illness and it is not registered in your COVID19 certificate AND if you are not arriving on Saturday 21 May, please, make a PCR test not more than 72 hours before your arrival and presente it together with your COVID19 certificate upon arrival.

Certificates of all vaccine types approved in Greece (see details on the local COVID19 measures page) are also accepted by the summer school organization.

2. COVID19 testing [Updated].

[Updated] We have changed the testing procedures at the summer school. We agreed with the Agean medical, a medical company that will offer us their services. Their nearest department in our area is this one in Kallithea (link).

Test 1.

  • If you arrive on 21 May 2022, you will be required to do a rapid test in the hotel. The test will be done by Agean medial and will cost 10€.
  • If you arrive before or after 21 May 2022, you are required to bring a certificate of a negative PCR test done no longer than 72 hours before arrival or a certificate of a negative antigen test done no longer than 24 hours before arrival.

Test 2.

  • We will organize testing on Tuesday or Wednesday. The test will be done by Agean medial and will cost 10€.

Ad hoc test.

  • You are required to do a self test at any time if you are experiencing COVID19 symptoms. Self-tests can be purchased on the premises of the hotel.