The draft program version 0.8 is now available (PDF). Note that each session has been assigned a room.

About the program

The program of the school consists two types of sessions. The organization team together with EATEL board develop and offer core methodology workshops and invite keynote speakers. The methodology workshops include such topics as research methods in TEL, academic writing, publishing and similar.

All other sessions are submitted by researchers, developers and managers via a Call for Workshops. These are in most cases thematic workshops that engage the participants into trying the newest educational technology tools, exploration of the most recent research results, brainstorm ideas, and more.

Detailed daily program

Keynotes and AnnouncementsThematic WorkshopMethodology WorkshopSoft-skills WorkshopCareer WorkshopInformal Learning SessionsSocial ProgramBreaks for coffee, lunch and dinner

Sunday 02/06


  • Travel to Castellana

  • Castellana caves tour

  • Travel to Alberobello

  • Lunch

    @ La Grave Castellana

  • Tour in Alberobello

  • Travel to Polignano a Mare

  • Tour in Polignano a Mare

  • Travel to the hotel

  • Registration desk

  • Dinner

    eat, sleep, thesis, repeat!

  • Registration desk

Monday 03/06

Monday: Austro

Monday: Oleandro

Monday: Mirto .

Tuesday 04/06

Tuesday: Austro

Tuesday: Oleandro

Tuesday: Mirto .

Wednesday 05/06


Thursday 06/06

Thursday: Austro

Thursday: Oleandro

Thursday: Mirto .

Friday 07/06

Friday: Austro

Friday: Oleandro

Friday: Mirto .