IAALDE best papers at ECTEL 2024

IAALDE best papers at ECTEL 2024



The International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era (IAALDE), comprising 12 esteemed societies, aims to amplify the visibility and impact of research in the field of digital learning through the exchange of scientific papers as a major mechanism to support cross-disciplinary science communication.

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BEST papers at ECTEL 2024

EATEL, as a member of IAALDE and co-organizer of ECTEL 2024, is honored to host the presentation of two prestigious award-winning papers!

These exceptional papers exemplify the cutting-edge research and innovation within our community, and we are proud to share them with the ECTEL 2024 audience. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the authors and express our gratitude for their invaluable contributions to advancing learning in the digital era!

Experimental Comparison of Promotion Effect for EFL Reading Comprehension between Conventional Summarization and Toulmin Argument Reconstruction

Authors: Banni Satria Andoko, Rosa Andrie Asmara, Vivin Ayu Lestari, Deasy Sandhya Elya Ikawati, Arief Prasetyo (Information Technology Dept, State Polytechnic of Malang, Indonesia); Tsukasa Hirashima and Yusuke Hayashi (Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan)

Best overall paper at the 31st International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2023)
Association: The Asia Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE)

Supporting collective inquiry in a critical action game: A role for open AI conversational agents

Authors: Kathy H. Zhou (OISE, University of Toronto), Charlie Pullen (University of Toronto Schools), Jeff Holmes (Convai), and James D. Slotta (OISE, University of Toronto)

International Society of the Learning Sciences Technology Innovation Award 2023, Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)
Association: International Society for the Learning Sciences (ISLS)