Call for Contribution for Book Chapters on Gamification, Wiley-IEEE

Gamification and Games, Enabling Technologies, and Applications Editor: Dr. Zongwei Luo, SUSTC, China
Publication date: 2016/2017
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE

Gamification uses game elements and game techniques in non-game context,
e.g., to encourage engagement with a product or service. In recent years,
gamification has become one of the major trends in information systems.
Its market is growing with presence penetrating various vertical sectors
such as Entertainment, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Tourism, and IT
enterprises. This book, dedicated to cover various topics of gamification
technologies and applications in various industry sectors, methodologies
of developing such applications, and development trend, will provide
readers a comprehensive introduction of gamification, its techniques,
technologies and various applications.

Book content:
This book is intended to serve as the instruction materials to students in
gamification relevant courses with invited contributions from known
experts in the field and contributions from who would respond to this
call. It can also be interesting to other casual audiences who are curious
about gamification and those serious audiences who need a reference on
gamification. Thus, a tentative table of content is provided as follows.
Interested authors are advised to contribute to one or more of the
following chapters. However, you can also suggest new chapters in each of
these sections.
Section 1: Introduction ¨C provides overview of gamification
Chapter 01: Introduction
Chapter 02: Game elements
Chapter 03: Game design techniques
Section 2: Gamification
Chapter 04: Game mechanics
Chapter 05: Motivation analysis
Chapter 06: Design processes
Chapter 07: Virtual economy
Chapter 08: Translational gamification
Chapter 09: Gamification measurement and analytics
Section 3: Enabling Technologies
Chapter 10: Wearable devices and systems
Chapter 11: Emotion detection
Chapter 12: Virtual and augmented reality
Chapter 13: Virtual currencies
Chapter 14: Big data intelligence and AI for gamification
Chapter 15: Cloud computing for gamification
Section 4: Applications
Chapter 16: Gamification in entertainment
Chapter 17: Gamification in healthcare
Chapter 18: Gamification in retails/tourisms
Chapter 19: Gamification in education
Chapter 20: Gamification in software development
Chapter 21: Gamification in science
Section 5: Future of gamification
Chapter 22: Future of gamification: business perspective
Chapter 23: Future of gamification: technology perspective

Call for contribution:
Interested authors for one or more chapters are encouraged to contact the
book editor Zongwei Luo via email(lzwqhk AT at your earliest
convenience. The book’s targeted publication schedule is estimated to be
within 2016/2017.

Development schedule:
Oct 15, 2015 Letter of Intend
Dec 31, 2015 First Draft due
Feb 28, 2016 Review notification
Apr 30, 2016 Second Draft due
Jun 30, 2016 Final review notification
Aug 31, 2016 Final chapter due

Dr. Zongwei Luo
Email: lzwqhk AT
SUSTC, Shenzhen, China


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